UltraShape Power ™

comfortable body shaping - Treat both large and small areas - Customiizable fat cell destruction - Fat layer thickness reduction

UltraShapePower™a Non-invasive / Non-surgical alternative to Liposuction

Fat Buster & Skin Tightener. UltraShape Power™is the newest FDA approved non- invasive focused ultrasound technology that is a safe, comfortable procedure with no associated bruising, swelling, or downtime to dissolve stubborn pockets of fat. In as little as three sessions∗ you can now flatten your abdomen, reduce bulges around your waist, hips, thighs and “muffin top” without liposuction or surgery!

1) No anesthesia

2) No injections

3) Comfortable – No pain

4) No Bruising or Swelling

5) Walk-in /Walk –out procedure

6) No Downtime

7) Measurable results after 3 treatments

consultation∗Individual results may vary. Diet and exercise will affect an individuals results.

Q: How does Ultrashape Power work?

A: UltraShapePower™ delivers focused sound waves that penetrate through the skin and selectively targets and mechanically disrupts only fat cells.The overlying skin and surrounding tissues remain unharmed.The treatment is painless, no anesthesia or injections are required. The procedure takes approximately one hour and is performed in an office treatment room. Following the UltraShapePower™ treatment you can resume your normal daily routine immediately. Within weeks (not months) patients see a significant reduction in the circumference of their abdomen and thighs. Patients often report that their clothing fits better. Most patients experience a significant flattening of their belly fat after three treatments-spaced two weeks apart.

Q: Is UltraShape Power™ a method to lose weight?

A: No, UltraShape Power™, is a device that can help you contour stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to exercise and dieting .It is not a weight loss program. Therefore you should continue to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet in order to maintain the improvement in your body contour.

Patient selection is very important and an in-depth consultation with Dr. Kopelman prior to the procedure will allow you to determine if you are a good candidate for UltraShapePower™ or some other treatment option. UltraShapePower™ cannot re-contour the body to the same extent that liposuction can however, for patients who are seeking a safe non-invasive alternative to liposuction, UltraShapePower™ is the latest iteration of the best technology available. The latest news is that UltraShape technology has now received FDA clearance to increase the power of the device. Now Dr. Kopelman will be able to achieve an even greater fat reduction every time the device is applied to those stubborn fat deposits.In addition, Dr. Kopelman has now added radiofrequency tightening technology utilizing VelaShape III™ to his treatment protocol to tighten loose skin, treat cellulite, shrink the love handles and further enhance fat reduction following UltraShapePower™ therapy. in as little three sessions.

Q: Is How does the UltraShape Power compare with CoolSculpt and SculpSure?

A:  According to one study UltraShape Power™ delivered the greatest amount of fat reduction (32%) compared to 11.5 % for SculpSure™and 22% for CoolSculpt™.


Q:  How is the Ultrashape Powerprocedure performed?

A: Patients recline on our comfortable treatment table, the fat deposits that concern you will be imaged and outlined with a digital camera.The information is then transmitted to a computer which calculates the energy needed for your treatment. Dr Kopelman and his medical assistant will then place cool contact gel on the skin overlying the fat deposits. No anesthesia will be necessary. A hand-held ultrasonic ceramic hand-piece will then glide over your skin and deliver the ultrasonic energy to underlying fat deposits. You will be comfortable and you will not experience pain or discomfort.

Q:  How long does the procedure take?
A:  A single treatment session typically ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the number/size of areas on the body targeted after which you may return to your normal daily activities. No post–treatment care is necessary. The beneficial effect of the treatment usually can be seen within two weeks of treatment. You will typically undergo a series of three treatment sessions spaced two weeks apart. Patient who had a series of three treatments experienced an average of 4 cm of improvement.* individual results may vary.


Come discover the latest generation of non-invasive body contouring technologies at Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center. To discover more contact our patient coordinator, Ms. Anne Lembersky, at (201)-444-4499 to set up your complimentary consultation.

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