Ultrashape – A Painless and Effective Way to Lose Belly Fat

Joel Kopelman MDBlogAugust 10, 2017
Ultrashape Before & After

What is UltraShape?

I hope that you are all excited about Ultrashape as an option for weight loss. I recognize that we now live in a world where people are extremely aware of their health status, and their body structure. Gone are the days when people did not care about their health and overall weight. Today, the average life expectancy rate in the USA is 79 years, and that is because people have started to take care of themselves. However, in order to expect a longer life, there are a few healthy changes you need to make to keep your body in shape. However, many people feel that they will not be able to get the body they desire. I suggest, you think again.

As we live in a time where technology is at its peak, and due to the advancements made in the technology sector, we have a non-invasive way to get our body into the perfect shape. The ultrashape is a painless, and effective way to help you lose your belly fat and flank fat. Think about the body you would have if did a thousand crunches every day. Now, think about getting that body without having to do all those crunches. Yes, Ultrashape is the perfect solution. In addition, it has been cleared by FDA as a noninvasive procedure that allows you to shape your body by destroying fat cells.

What does the UltraShape Treatment Include?

Now, that you understand what UltraShape is, you need to learn about what the treatment includes. UltraShape is non-surgical, so you will not have to go under anesthetics, and no incisions will be made. This means with the Ultrashape treatment, you will not have to deal with any recovery time.

The entire process is virtually painless, and will not leave any marks on your body. Ultrashape is unlike any other fat reduction procedure available today, as it uses heat or the freezing technology to destroy fat. So you can simply walk out of the clinic after a treatment, and no one will ever know you have gone through the Ultrashape treatment.

How does UltraShape work?

During this process the surgeon will use a gentle level of ultrasound energy to destroy the fat cells that your body has stored. Once fat cell walls are destroyed, they start to release fat as triglycerides, that are naturally eliminated by the liver. One of the best features of Ultrashape is that the entire process does not harm any other element of your body. This is because human body has two main types of fat:

  1. Visceral: the fat that is stored around your organs.
  2. Subcutaneous: the fat that makes walls under your skin’s surface.

If you eat right, and maintain a proper workout routine, you could over time reduce visceral fat. However, subcutaneous fat is much more difficult to lose. Which is why the procedure helps you lose this subcutaneous fat, that can resist against most diet plans and workout routines.

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