Why Choose Dr.Kopelman To Perform Non-Invasive Procedures?
Dr. Joel E. Kopelman has received regional and national exposure for his facial rejuvenation work in combining volume augmentation with new technology and techniques.
He is regularly nominated by his peers to talk on the latest advancements in facial rejuvenation.
He was the former chairman for the workshop on cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery in New York City.
The practice employs a fast-track recovery system that encompasses pre- and post-operative skin care, personalized care from the nursing staff and morning checkup from Dr. Kopelman the day following surgery.

Great Results Don’t Happen By Chance

Knowledge,Technical Skill, & Experience add up to … Beautiful Results

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Many patients desire body contouring of their chin, abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs  and arms. Not too long ago there were few options to address these problem areas without undergoing surgery.Liposuction was and remains the gold standard to reduce bulges of external fat. However, many patients have no desire to undergo any surgical procedures, either because they have busy schedules which precludes them from weeks of recovery or they are averse to having any elective surgery. Now two effective non- invasive body contouring options are available. Dr. Kopelman has incorporated both CoolSculpting and UltraShapePower as part of his aesthetic practice.

He customizes your treatment plan utilizing both technologies to provide the most comfortable and very best final results.With each treatment cycle,CoolSculpting freezes and destroys about twenty percent of the accessible external fat .Dr Kopelman  has found that CoolSculpting is ideally used  to debulk large protrusions of external fat but is most effective when combined with UltraShape Power ,a focused ultrasonic technology that can reduce and contour pockets of fat that are not easily accessible to Coolsculpting applicators.In addition Dr. Kopelman  employs VelaShape III ,a radio-frequency technology, that can tighten the  overlying skin envelop and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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