Many patients desire body contouring of their chin, abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs  and arms. Not too long ago there were few options to address these problem areas.Liposuction was and remains the gold standard to reduce bulges of external fat. However, many patients who have no desire to undergo any surgical procedures, either because they have busy schedule or they are do not want to have  any surgery, now have effective non- invasive body contouring options.Dr. Kopelman now has CoolSculpt and UltraShapePower as part of his aesthetic practice.

He customizes your treatment plan with both technologies to arrive at the most comfortable and very best final results.CoolSculpt freezes and destroys about twenty percent of the fat .Dr Kopelman has found that CoolSculpt can debulk large protrusion of external fat and is combined with UltraShapePower to reduce and refine pockets of fat that are not easily accessible.

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