IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a quick safe non-invasive laser– like device that can treat a variety of facial and body skin conditions, such as sun damage, the red appearance of acne scars, active acne, unwanted dark hair, spider veins, and hyperpigmentation. Intense pulse light has been demonstrated in clinical studies to reduce pore size. This occurs because each pore is associated with a tiny hair follicle. The IPL can destroy the hair follicle which in turn reduces the size of the pore.
Q: How does IPL work?
A: IPL utilizes controlled short pulses of filtered light which isolates specific wavelengths of visible light.The intense pulsed light device can be adjusted to treat a broad range of skin problems. Dr. Kopelman selects the wavelength which can optimally treat dark hair, brown spots, capillaries, veins, and photo-damaged skin. Skin on any part of the body,face,neck,chest,hands, back, legs, and torso can be treated. Isolated areas of the body or numerous segments can be treated in one session.The isolated light energy is absorbed by pigment in the skin or in blood vessels. By heating the melanin in the skin the pigmented cells are eliminated.
Q: What are the benefits of IPL?
• Little downtime
• Improved skin texture
• Improve age related photo damage
• Reduced spider veins
• Reduced redness from acne scars
• Reduce size of facial pores
• Reduce the size of facial pores
• Reduced skin pigmentation
• Acne rosacea
• Hair reduction


Q: Are there any patients who should postpone have IPL treatment?
A: Yes, treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy, if you have a sun tan and if IPL is performed on the face no active infections or cold sores should be present unless treated with the appropriate drugs.
Q: What can I expect following IPL therapy?
A: Immediately following IPL treatment you skin will appear flushed or pink. The nurse will apply ice compresses to the area to reduce mild swelling. In most cases you will not experience significant discomfort during or after the treatment. If you do ,we will apply topical lidocaine cream to diminish the discomfort and in rare instances we will administer oral pain medication. You may apply make-up immediately following treatment.
Q: How many treatments will be necessary?
A: Dr. Kopelman and his aesthetic nursing staff will assess your skin and make recommendations based upon the severity and number of skin conditions present. Typically a series of three treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart are needed to achieve good results. Hair reduction treatment requires several treatment sessions over many months and on going “touch- up” treatments.By dividing IPL treatment sessions over several weeks to months you will experience a gradual improvement with lower risk and you may return to your daily routine immediately. Compared to invasive laser therapies, IPL is a perfect treatment option for a busy person who has little time to recover .
Q: When can I anticipate seeing the beneficial effects of IPL?
A: IPL may take several sessions to achieve your aesthetic goals. The results are not instantaneous. Pigmentation that has been treated may at first appear darker. After about a week the dark skin will shed off like a scab and the original dark spot will have disappeared or will be lighter. Spider veins may take two to three weeks before you see a reduction in the number of vessels. Hair reduction will take several sessions and weeks before you see a significant difference.


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