Why Choose Dr. Joel E. Kopelman to Reduce Your "Love Handles"?
Dr. Joel E. Kopelman has received regional and national exposure for his facial rejuvenation work in combining volume augmentation with new technology and techniques.
He is regularly nominated by his peers to talk on the latest advancements in facial rejuvenation.
Dr. Kopelman has the skill,experience and an artistic eye for the finest details to achieve natural looking results without the obvious signs of surgery. 
The practice employs a fast-track recovery system that encompasses pre- and post-operative skin care, personalized care from the nursing staff, vitamins, lymphatic massage, and a morning checkup from Dr. Kopelman the day following surgery.

Great Results Don’t Happen By Chance

Knowledge,Technical Skill, & Experience add up to … Beautiful Results

“Love Handles”

Despite vigorous dieting and strenuous exercise, men and women are often plagued with “love handles” that seem to spill over the top of their pants. Patients are self conscious and embarrassed by these bulges of fat which are noticeable through their clothing. Dr. Kopelman’s solution is to spot treat and contour your waist with liposuction which will restore your youthful “hour glass” figure.

Q: Will liposuction permanently remove my “love handles”?

A: Liposuction will remove the fat cells that were treated in a focal area.Your “love handles” will not return, however, liposuction is not a weight loss program. If you increase your calories in your diet or you are sedentary fat can enlarge in other areas of the body. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a steady diet and exercise program even after liposuction has been performed. Otherwise, other areas of fat may accumulate in undesirable places.

Q: Is liposuction of “love handles” safe?
A: If you are in general good health removing bulges of fat with liposuction is a very safe procedure. However, any procedure carries risks. Liposuction can precipitate blood clots, infection and loss of sensation to the skin.

Q: Where does Dr. Kopelman perform liposuction treatment of “love-handles”?

A: All liposuction procedures are performed at either or Manhattan Surgical Center or our certified Ridgewood Ambulatory Surgery Center and in most cases in conjunction with board certified anesthesiologists.

Q: How long will my recovery be after liposuction of my “love handles”?

A: All patients will be discharged home following the procedure. You will wear a custom fitted girdle to compress the area where fat has been removed. Dr. Kopelman and staff will give you explicit instructions before surgery so that you can understand the procedure and aftercare when you go home. You will be given antibiotics for a few days to prevent infections and you will return to the office within one week following your surgery. To give you peace of mind, Dr. Kopelman is always available to be reached 24/7 after surgery. Bruising, discharge and numbness are expected following liposuction and are not considered complications.To minimize bruising and other complications he recommends that you refrain from smoking and blood thinners for two weeks before and after surgery.

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