Looking for the Best Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey

Joel Kopelman MDBlogAugust 21, 2017
Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey

Discovering the Best Plastic Surgeon

When it’s time to pick a board certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey, there are a few things you need to consider. As this is not a small matter, and you need to find the perfect plastic surgeon that offers the services you are looking for. One of the most easiest way to find the best plastic surgeon in NJ is by looking for the following qualities in them. These will help you ensure that you are picking the perfect cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey.

  • Board Certification – the first thing you need to look into is the board certification of the plastic surgeon you are considering. As you need to hire someone that has been certified by the board. It does not matter how small the cosmetic fix is, it is highly important that you pick a board certified plastic surgeon in NJ. As this is an indicator of their training, and American plastic surgeons will be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, also referred to as ABPS. In addition, international plastic surgeons are certified under their own country’s board, but are a member of the IPRAS, and ISAPS.
  • Experience – Hiring an experienced plastic surgeon in New Jersey, will make all the difference. As experience comes with years of practice, and that is the best way to ensure that you are hiring a plastic surgeon that is experienced in the procedure you are willing to get. It is  a great idea to speak to the plastic surgeon before the surgery, and get all your questions answered. This will help you see if the plastic surgeon is able to offer you experience in the matter or not. If you are looking to get a new technique done, ask if the surgeon has performed it before.
  • Facility – cosmetic surgeries are performed in hospitals, and in office based surgical facilities. There are a number of office based surgical facilities in New Jersey, and you can look into them online. In addition, the office based surgical facility will offer you their accreditation. If you pick a plastic surgeon that is member of the ASAPS, then their services will already will accredit.
  • Through – there is no need to rush the process, so once you have picked a plastic surgeon, you should go ahead and make an appointment for consultation. This initial meeting should only include the procedure you have in mind, and how the plastic surgeon will go about it. Here your medical history will be discussed, and the surgeon will look into the other procedures you have gotten.
  • Rapport – the only way to ensure that your produce will go as planned, is when you plan it well. So sit down with your plastic surgeon, and talk about the entire process, and post procedure healing period. This will help ensure that the process goes smoothly, as you will be mentally prepared for the entire thing.
  • Follow Up – The best plastic surgeon in NJ will not just let you be on your own once the surgery is done. As they would like to see how the results are panning out, so they might call you in for a checkup. As some cosmetic surgeries include follow up, to ensure the results are perfect. So check or ask if your plastic surgeon offers such services.
  • Cost – the cost of the procedure might vary from doctor to doctor, but keep in mind that cheaper is not always bad results, and expensive does not mean perfection. Which is why you need to check the surgeon, and their credibility before you hire.

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