Fraxel Skin Treatment

The Fraxel ® laser is a fractionfraxel before and afterated laser device that splits the laser light beam intoFraxel anatomy multiple microscopic beams ( as seen in the diagram on the right ). Fractionated lasers are very useful devices because they vaporize columns of skin called microscopic treatment zones (MTZ’s) leaving behind adjacent untreated microscopic columns of skin. These untreated areas act as a reservoir of cells that speed up the regeneration of adjacent columns of skin that have been removed with the laser. The Fraxel ® laser’s energy penetrates into the dermis and stimulates fibroblasts to produce a layer of new collagen which thickens the skin. Unlike other skin resurfacing lasers, Fraxel ® lasers are safe and effective for rejuvenating skin on and off the face. Therefore ,wrinkles and sun damage of the neck and chest can be greatly improved as well as stretch marks on the abdomen and other areas. Stretch marks typically occur following pregnancy or after a rapid gain in body weight.


Q:How many Fraxel ® treatments will be necessary to see an improvement?

A: After a series of treatments wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage will diminish. The silvery sheen of mature stretch marks will improve and the skin tone will appear more like normal skin.When Fraxel ® laser skin therapy is used in combination with IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, the red discoloration of new stretch marks can also be diminished. In order to obtain the best results, usually a series of Fraxel ® laser and IPL treatments are necessary. The exact number of treatments will be determined based on your response to the procedure. Some patients will get excellent improvement in as little as two treatments but others may require additional sessions depending upon their reaction.The reduced downtime following a Fraxel ® laser treatment is a big advantage compared to ablative lasers.

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How Fraxel Heals the Skin

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