Why Should You Choose Dr. Kopelman To Remove Your Skin Tumors?

Dr. Kopelman has thirty-two years experience performing hundreds of skin tumor biopsies. 

Dr. Kopelman has the ability to reconstruct the biopsied site on the same day following tumor removal. In most cases you won’t have to return for further surgery.

Dr. Kopelman closely collaborates with outstanding pathologist which will assure you that the entire tumor has been removed.

Dr. Kopelman will only remove the least amount of tissue necessary to restore form and function.

Great Results Don’t Happen By Chance

Knowledge,Technical Skill, & Experience add up to … Beautiful Results

mohs eyelid surgery_ before and after photo_Dr. Kopelman      Mohs Eyelid Cancer Surgery


Eyelid skin is thin compared to other facial skin and the eyelids are directly exposed at an angle to damaging sunlight over many years which predisposes them to develop skin cancer or mohs eyelid cancer.

Dr. Kopelman is trained as an ophthalmic plastic surgeon and fellowship–trained pathologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. His training and extensive experience gives him the ability to differentiate benign from malignant skin tumors. Patients are usually referred by other physicians to his care and commonly travel from great distances seeking out his knowledge and expertise. Dr. Kopelman has removed thousands of eyelid tumors over the past thirty years.You can have confidence and peace of mind that he will remove the entire tumor with meticulous care and in most cases he will immediately reconstruct your eyelid to restore your natural eyelid contours and function.

Q: Does a pathologist examine the mohs eyelid cancer after Dr. Kopelman biopsies the tumor?

A: After the skin cancer is removed. Dr. Steven McCormick, a world famous pathologist, will freeze the biopsy specimen, and examine it under a microscope to be sure that all “margins” of the tumor have been completely removed. This procedure is called frozen-section controlled removal or Mohs eyelid surgery. The chances of a recurrence are extremely low.

Q: How are the eyelids reconstructed?

A: There are many surgical techniques employed depending upon the extent of the eyelid cancer. If the skin tumor is small then direct closure is performed. However, if the tumor is larger, grafts and flaps are utilized, to restore the function and cosmetic appearance of your eyelid.

Q: Where is the Mohs Surgery performed?

A: Dr. Kopelman and Dr. McCormick function like a team. The surgery and pathology studies are conveniently performed at the Ridgewood Ambulatory Surgery Center adjacent to Dr. Kopelman’s consultation office.This allows you to have world–class surgery and pathology performed in one setting near your home without the stress of traveling into New York City. The permanent specimens are processed and accessioned at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York City.

Contact Ms. Anne Lembersky our patient care coordinator at

(201)-444-4499 or in NYC (646) 841-1696 to arrange for an in-depth consultation with Dr.Kopelman.


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