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 Lower Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Lower eyelid cosmetic surgery can correct lower eyconsultationelid “bags” and bulges.The appearance of these “deformities” are a natural consequence of aging. It is a common misconception that fat around the eyelids  increases with age. Instead,a layer of tissue below the skin called the orbital septum acts like a barrier that prevents the orbital fat from protruding forward.As we age this layer becomes lax.Fat that normally would sit behind the eye passively flows forward and appears as  herniated lower eyelid “bags” or bulges. In the past,most plastic surgeons would remove all this fat but this technique often created depressions and hollowed out areas around the eyes that actually made the person look older! Concepts have now changed – Doctor Kopelman was one of the first eyelid specialists to champion the technique of retaining as much of your natural fat as possible to restore your natural eyelid contours. Instead of removing fat pads, as embraced by the majority of plastic surgeons, he restores your natural eyelid contours by redistributing the “bulge” of fat to fill in depressions that surround the eyelids. In essence, he utilizes your own fat as a long lasting natural “filler” to restore a more youthful appearance.

Common Questions about Lower Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Q: Where are the incisions made to gain access to the lower eyelid fat to reduce eyelid bags?

cosmetic lower eyelid surgery

A conjunctival cosmetic lower eyelid incision

A: Most cosmetic lower eyelid incisions are performed on the inside lining of the lower eyelid (the conjunctiva) so that no external scars are seen after surgery.

Q: Is it ever necessary to remove skin and muscle from the lower lids to treat eyelid bags?

A: In most cases skin and muscle are not removed when treating lower eyelid fat protrusion. Instead, in his operating rooms in New York City and Ridgewood,N.J., Dr. Kopelman utilizes lasers or chemical peels to “resurface” and tighten the outer lower eyelid skin without the need to make additional external incisions. Trimming lower eyelid muscle is rarely performed because it may precipitate a downward retraction of the lower eyelid that may create exposure of the eye and an unnatural appearance.

Q: How long does it take to recuperate from lower eyelid cosmetic surgery when fat redistribution is necessary to reduce eyelid bags?

A: Recovery from traditional lower eyelid cosmetic surgery usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. Some bruising and mild discomfort is expected for the first 24 hours which is well controlled in most cases with Tylenol®. You should expect swelling and bruising to persist for approximately 7 to 10 days. The lower eyelid surgery will not impair your vision except when you instill antibiotic eye drops. You should refrain from vigorous exercise and any straining that could raise your blood pressure. Walking is permitted and encouraged. When fat is re-distributed it may take an additional 2-4 weeks before the swelling subsides. Because incisions are made inside lining of the lower eyelid no sutures have to be removed.The suture material will dissolve by itself.

Q: Is the longer recovery from cosmetic lower eyelid fat redistribution worth it?

A: If your goal is to look rested and more youthful then Dr. Kopelman believes a superior result is well worth the extra downtime but he will tailor your lifestyle and expectations to the techniques that he uses.

Q: What other techniques does Dr. Kopelman employ to enhance cosmetic lower eyelid surgery and diminish lower eyelid wrinkles?

A: In most cases Dr. Kopelman prefers to use either an erbium -YAG laser or Fraxel® laser  to resurface your lower eyelid skin. Patients who have active daily schedules and therefore little “down time”are ideal candidates for Fraxel® laser treatments of their lower eyelids. These patients will be treated several times with “lighter”sequential treatment sessions. This will allow faster recovery with minimal down time.Those patients who have deeper wrinkles may require deeper therapy with an erbium laser which requires a longer period of recuperation.Both techniques will result in long lasting improvement.

Interested in reducing your eyelid bags and learning more about the benefits of the latest techniques in lower eyelid cosmetic surgery?

Contact Ms. Anne Lembersky our patient care coordinator @ 201-444-4499 to arrange for an in-depth consultation to discover how a lower eyelid blepharoplasty can rejuvenate the appearance of your lower eyelids.



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