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Q: What is causing our cheeks to sag and appear deflated?

A: As we age, we lose fat cells in the mid-facial areas and our cheeks start to appear flat or hollow. That is the time when you should start thinking about getting a cheek lift. This deflation of the cheeks and areas under the eyelids creates shadows that can make our faces look gaunt and old. This hollowing process is due to the downward descent of facial fat and age related fat atrophy. Smoking can also contribute to the early development of sagging skin and hollow cheeks.

Q: What is the remedy?

A: When volume is lost in the cheeks the simplest approach to restore the volume deficit is to use injectable fillers like Restylane LyftJuvéderm Voluma, Sculptra or Dr. Kopelman can harvest fat from your belly or hip and inject your own fat into atrophic areas of the cheeks. The non-surgical approach can restore the oval, full cheek contours, that we associate with youth.If on the other hand, you are seeking a way to permanently restore cheek contours then you may consider a mid-face surgical lift with or without fat grafting.These pathways to fulfilling your goals will be discussed during an in-depth consultation with Dr. Kopelman in his Ridgewood,New Jersey or Manhattan office.

Q: Following treatment with my cheek lift will my cheeks look out of portion with the rest of my face?

A: Dr. Kopelman will keep the restoration of youthful  cheek contours in proportion with the rest of your facial features.Enhancing the volume in your cheeks will not make you appear over bloated or strange. His goal is to turn back the clock in one simple office visit so that you will look like a natural younger version of yourself not a someone you don’t recognize in the mirror. In addition Dr. Kopelman employs safe and predictable techniques that minimize the chance of bruising and lets you return to your daily activities quickly.

If you would like to discuss the cheek lift produce or other treatment options for restoring the volume in your cheeks please contact Anne Lemebersky, our patient care coordinator to arrange a consultation @201-444-4499


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