Why Is Dr.Kopelman The Best Choice To Inject Belotero Balance®?
Dr. Joel E. Kopelman has received regional and national exposure for his facial rejuvenation work in combining volume augmentation with new technology and techniques.
He is regularly nominated by his peers to talk on the latest advancements in facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Kopelman has an artistic eye to achieve a balanced natural look without creating an exaggerated unnatural appearance.

The practice employs a fast-track recovery system that encompasses pre- and post-operative skin care, personalized care from the nursing staff, vitamins, lymphatic massage, and a morning checkup from Dr. Kopelman the day following surgery.

Great Results Don’t Happen By Chance

Knowledge,Technical Skill, & Experience add up to … Beautiful Results


                               Belotero Balance®

The Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center is pleased to offer the latest dermal fillers, Belotero Balance, an FDA approved dermal filler, is a soft cohesive “sugar” gel made of hyaluronic acid naturally found in our bodies in skin and soft connective tissue and is not derived from animals. Belotero is designed to fill and smooth your folds and wrinkles Belotero Balance is ideal for injections around the eyelids , forehead and mouth and can restore lost volume and moisture to your skin. Your face will appear more youthful and your complexion will be more radiant. The results can be seen immediately Dr. Kopelman is an expert injector with many years of experience this will give you peace of mind that he will select the best filler for your particular problems.

Q: What makes Belotero Balance special?

A: Because Belotero Balance is similar to the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid molecules that are naturally found in your skin Belotero Balance will blend into the natural contours of your face Dr. Kopelman will give you a natural look not an over done unnatural appearance. You will appear years younger in just a few minutes. Because Belotero and other HA fillers attract water molecules they can moisturize your skin.

Q: What areas can be treated?


Forehead wrinkles that have been etched from years of raising your forehead muscle

Nasolabial lines –the “commas “surrounding your mouth

Vertical lip lines

Lips-adding volume to your lips

Corners of your mouth

Q:How long does Belotero Balance® last?

A: The duration of improvement following treatment with Belotero can vary amongst patients Dr. Kopelman has seen that Belotero last can last approximately six months or longer

Q:How is Belotero Balance® administered?

A: Belotero Balance® is injected painlessly by Dr. Kopelman with a micro-cannula which is safer method and less likely to cause bruising. The procedure takes about fifteen minutes depending upon how many areas you wish to correct

Contact Ms. Anne Lembersky, our patient care coordinator, in N.J. at (201)444-4499 or NYC  (646) 841-1696 to arrange for an in-depth consultation to discover how Belotero Balance® can rejuvenate the appearance of your nasolabial folds.

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