Joel E. Kopelman, MD, FACS

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgeon
Knowledge, Technical Skill, & Experience add up to … Beautiful Results


Welcome. I am Dr. Joel E. Kopelman, FACS an eyelid & facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as non-surgical procedures. I recognize that enhancing your appearance is a very personal decision that takes some research and thought. My philosophy is the best eyelid and facial plastic surgery is imperceptible and even small subtle changes can make a big difference in rejuvenating a person’s appearance and renewing their self-confidence. 



My passion is to restore your youthful “glow” with attention to  every detail using a “light” a touch that will allow your natural features to radiate through without other people knowing you had “work done.” The rigorous training and experience I received during my three fellowships has laid the foundation for the high standards that have defined my practice for over three decades. I have earned the respect from my patients and colleagues and I have developed and modified many of the procedures that I now perform. So whether you are seeking advice about cosmetic eyelid surgery, a facelift, facial dermal fillers ,laser skin rejuvenation, a revision from previously performed surgery or soft tissue reconstruction you will receive the information you need to be fully informed before you make important decisions regarding any proposed procedures. As a eyelid & facial plastic surgeon, I have attempted to anticipate the most common questions that arise and I have answered them simply so that you will be better informed about the treatment options that are available. For more info on specific procedures, please browse under the “Services” tab at the top of this page. My practices are located in New York City and in Ridgewood, New Jersey – a short drive from Bergen County, Rockland County, Passaic County, or elsewhere in the Tri-State Area. Call (201)444-4499 in N.J. or (646)841-1696 in NYC. to arrange a personal consultation or contact us online to discuss how we can assist you.


Turn back the clock…Cosmetic eyelid

and eyebrow lifts will Rejuvenate your appearance.
No procedure offers so much benefit
with so little downtime

 Dr. Joel E. Kopelman is board-certified. For the past thirty…

years he has performed thousands of cosmetic eyelid,face, skin & body contouring procedures that enhance and restore natural beauty. Dr. Joel E. Kopelman is one of the few doctors trained in an accredited fellowship in Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery.


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