Doctor Kopelman is an aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon passionately devoted to the improvement of the eyelids, face, skin, and body contours.
Doctor Kopelman will provide you with the information you need to be fully informed before you make important decisions regarding non-invasive or surgical procedures. Whether you have a reconstructive problem,a complication from previous surgery that demands a specialist, or you just want to look younger, fresher, more handsome or beautiful, you have chosen the right surgeon in Dr.Kopelman.
Many plastic surgeons make similar claims about their practices.Most of them are indeed competent and ethical,and probably could do a fine job for you.You have probably have already ruled out some candidates and now you are trying to pick the best surgeon from a short list of prospective finalists.
 We understand that it is difficult for you to pick the “right “surgeon. Doctor Kopelman has earned the respect from his patients and colleagues for more than three decades. He has a reputation as an “artist” who delivers compassionate care along with excellent surgical results. Doctor Kopelman is well known for his keen diagnostic acumen and particular skills in cosmetic blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery),face and neck lift procedures, and soft tissue reconstruction.His rigorous training and experience during his three fellowships laid the foundation for the high standards that have defined his practice. During this time, Dr. Kopelman developed and modified many of the procedures he now performs.He been invited as a guest lecturer to many prestigious institutions throughout the country and has taught hundreds of doctors from around the world his techniques.
At Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery, Doctor Kopelman has assembled a first class team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to help you develop a personalized plan that fits your needs and budget. He understands that surgical solutions are not always the best choice for everyone. Therefore, Doctor Kopelman wants you to be thoroughly informed so that you understand your options.He will be pleased to show you how these procedures relate to your unique features during your cosmetic consultation.
How do you choose your surgeon?
A surgeon who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery must be able to recognize the unique characteristics of each and every patient and then visualize their ideal image. Doctor Kopelman’s mission is to find the intrinsic beauty found in each individual and allow that beauty to shine through. A doctor doesn’t necessarily learn these skills in medical school, in residency, or in any other medically supervised training program. Either one has an innate artistic sense,or not. Not every plastic surgeon has this gift. Experience also counts. Endorsement and referrals from other doctors truly establish whether the choice of a physician is a good one. At Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery we are proud to say that most of referrals come from word of mouth and other physicians.We commonly treat other physicians, nurses and their families.Dr. Kopelman  is one of small group of specialists that has:
  • A background in the precision techniques of microsurgery learned from training in the discipline of eye surgery.
  • Advanced international training in cosmetic and facial plastic surgery with multiple world recognized surgeons.
  • Board Certification and Subspecialty Certification in Ophthalmology and Oculo-Facial plastic surgery.
  • An artist’s eye for line, form, and beauty, learned since childhood from the teachings of his artistic father.
  • The experience gained from over thirty years in practice.
  • Recognition from his peers as a visionary, and an educational resource.
    For a consultation with Dr.Kopelman,to discuss your areas of concern and to map out a plan to achieve your goals. Please call our Ridgewood,N.J. office today at 1(201) 444-4499

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