Why Is Dr. Kopelman The Best Choice Perform To Perform Facial injections?
Dr. Joel E. Kopelman has received regional and national exposure for his facial rejuvenation work in combining volume augmentation with new technology and techniques.
He is regularly nominated by his peers to talk on the latest advancements in facial rejuvenation.
Dr. Kopelman has the skill, experience and an artistic eye for the finest details to achieve natural looking results without the obvious signs of surgery.
The practice employs a fast-track recovery system that encompasses pre- and post-operative skin care, personalized care from the nursing staff and a morning checkup from Dr. Kopelman the day following surgery.

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Restylane Lyft ®

Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery is excited to announce the FDA approval of Restylane Lyft®, a dermal filler that is similar to Perlane but is specifically indicated for lifting the sagging cheeks, smoothing smile lines around the mouth and contouring sagging jawlines.

Q: How long does this treatment take?

A: The Restylane Lyft® treatment takes only a few minutes to perform, it is essentially painless because Restylane Lyft® is mixed with a numbing agent (lidocaine), and Dr. Kopelman applies a topical numbing cream to your skin prior to  treatment to minimize discomfort. In addition he utilizes micro-cannulas which reduce bruising and pain. There is no downtime following an injection which is ideal for busy men and women to resume their daily activities immediately.

Q: Is Restylane Lyft® a permanent injectable and how long does it last?

A: Restylane Lyft® is biodegradable. It lasts approximately nine months to a year and and therefore it does not provide a permanent correction of facial volume loss.

Q: Are there any steps that should be taken before I have a  Restylane Lyft procedure?

A: Side effects of Restylane Lyft® are minimal particularly when Dr. Kopelman employs less traumatic techniques (microcannulas) to inject the gel.Some patients do develop minor bruising, swelling, or redness particularly if they are taking aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil),vitamin E and fish oil. These effects will disappear on their own over the course of a week and can be easily managed with cover-up make-up.

Q: Is a skin test for allergies necessary prior to treatment with Restylane Lyft®?

A: No there is no need to skin test for Restylane Lyft® before using it because it is made from non- animal stabilized hyaluronic acid gel. This molecule is biosynthetically made from genetically engineered bacteria which has a molecular structure similar to hyaluronic acids naturally found in our skin and soft tissues. Allergies to these hyaluronic acid gels is therefore rare but can occur if you are allergic to bacterial proteins.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of Restylane Lyft®?

Contact Ms. Anne Lembersky our patient care coordinator at (201)444-4499 in N.J. or (646) 841-1696 in NYC. to arrange for an in-depth consultation to discover how Restylane Lyft® compares to other hyaluronic gel fillers.

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