Why Should Dr. Joel E. Kopelman Perform My Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

 Dr.Kopelman has thirty-two years experience performing thousands of Botox injections.

Dr. Kopelman is an authority and has two published medical articles on the use of Botox.


Dr. Kopelman has an artistic eye to achieve a balanced natural look without creating an exaggerated unnatural appearance.

 Dr. Kopelman takes an individualized approach to match your unique features.

Great Results Don’t Happen By Chance

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A Non-Surgical Browlift – Give Your Brows A Lift ↑ without Surgery

Non-Surgical Browlift AfterNon-Surgical Browlift Before

Q: Can I raise my eyebrows without surgery? 

A:  Yes, with Botox® or other neuromodulators you can temporarily raise your eyebrows upward. Your eyebrows can be pulled down by the contraction of muscles that are primarily located at the top of your nose and between your eyebrows.When you frown you can see the effect of downward contraction of these muscles.There is also a second set of muscles that pull the eyebrow and forehead skin upward in the opposite direction.When brow corrugator depressor muscles at the top of your nose are selectively prevented from contracting with Botox® the brow lifting muscles called the frontalis muscles (higher up on the forehead) are free to rise upward unopposed. This allows your brows to rise to a higher level without surgery ! However,because Botox® is not a permanent fix this non- surgical brow lift treatment is not permanent either. The elevated position of your eyebrows will only last as long as the Botox® is effective -probably around three to four months.

Q: What is the best age to consider a non-surgical (Botox®) brow lift?

A: The age range can be anywhere from 25 to 65 depending upon the degree of brow droop you have. If you have only a mild to moderate degree of brow ptosis (droop) then Botox® will temporarily weaken the brow depressor muscles and allow the forehead elevator muscles to pull upward without  resistance. The effect lasts about 3 to 4 months until the Botox® wears off.  

Q: How can I reduce the “11” lines and forehead wrinkles w/o undergoing surgery? 

A: The vertical lines at the top of your nose are due to repetitive contraction of the primary depressor muscles that lie between your eyebrows and are responsible for pulling your brow down. These depressor muscles act like an accordion that squeezes the skin together producing “11” lines between your eyebrows.When these vertical lines are deep people looking at you may get a false impression of you. They may think you are tired or mad .Injections of botulinum toxin, a neuromodulator, inhibits muscle contractions. This medicine is a protein that can prevent strong contractions of the depressor muscles that pull the brows down and in.Several brands of botulinum toxin on the market: Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin®, all have similar actions.

Q: Sometimes the “11” lines are still noticeable even after a Botox® injection-can anything else be done?

A: Yes, sometimes a combination of hyaluronic acid gels like Juvederm® or Restylane® and Botox® are necessary to fill in deeply etched lines that remain after botulinum toxin injections.Injections of hyaluronic gels can be performed at the same time as a Botox® injection.

Q:Can laser skin treatments reduce forehead wrinkles further?

A: Yes, laser resurfacing with Fraxel® or Erbium lasers can further improve the quality of the skin,rejuvenate sun damaged skin and reduce forehead wrinkles. However, one type of wrinkle treatment does not replace the other. Botox is used in combination with laser resurfacing to decrease muscle contraction and to prevent a recurrence of the deep furrows and wrinkles.

If you are interest in learning more about how a non- surgical browlift can help to restore a more youthful appearance-contact Ms. Anne Lembersky our patient care coordinator at consultation(201)-444-4499 or in NYC (646) 841-1696 to arrange for an in-depth consultation to discover how a non-surgical brow lift can rejuvenate your appearance.





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