Why Is Dr. Kopelman The Best Choice To Perform My Laser Treatments?

Dr. Kopelman has extensive experience over the past thirty years treating sun damage, age related wrinkles, enlarged capillaries, brown spots and acne scars with a multitude of lasers.

Dr. Kopelman is a fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine.

Dr. Kopelman utilizes a combination of laser technologies to achieve the best results.

Dr. Kopelman  has devised a post-laser treatment regimen that will help speed-up your  recovery and  get your daily activities faster.

Good Results Make A Great Difference

Great Results Make All the Difference

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation is one of Dr. Joel Kopelman’s best techniques to help you achieve the look you want. Eyelid, face and neck wrinkles accumulate over time from sun damage, age-related laxity, “deflation” and atrophy of facial tissues and repetitive facial muscle contractions. Facelifting, or cosmetic eyelid surgery can tighten and lift sagging skin and injections of facial fillers can restore a youthful fullness to the cheeks but contrary to popular belief these procedures do not improve the texture of the skin, age related changes or sun damage. Correcting facial lines and wrinkles often require a combination of techniques that include Botox® injections, cosmetic fillers, and laser treatments. Wrinkles that occur as a result of muscle contraction when we smile, raise our foreheads or purse our lips can be improved with neuro-modulation with either Botox® or Dysport®. Either one of these drugs can inhibit muscle contraction and reduce the appearance of “dynamic” wrinkles. However, when the facial muscles are not actively contracting, stationary wrinkles and lines of the skin often remain.Two techniques that Dr. Kopelman employs to reduce these stationary wrinkles are laser resurfacing and injections of hyaluronic acid gels like Belotero® or Restylane® or Voluma®. Laser treatment of the lower eyelids with either an Erbium laser or Fraxel® laser will produce predictable outcomes by removing very superficial layers of wrinkled skin.

Q:How does laser treatments work?

A: Laser energy can be precisely adjusted to gauge the depth of treatment. This controlled removal of skin allows the body to naturally regenerate a smoother new layer of skin that is noticeably less wrinkled. This process is commonly referred to as laser resurfacing. Dr. Kopelman prefers to resurface the lower eyelid skin with either a Fraxel® laser or Erbium laser, depending upon the depth of the wrinkles. Superficial wrinkles and sun damage can be greatly improved with serial Fraxel® laser treatments while deeper wrinkles may require the more powerful ablative Erbium laser treatment. laser skin rejuvenation anatomy

 Q: What are Fraxel® laser treatments?

A:The Fraxel® laser is a name brand for a “fractionated” laser device that splits the laser light into multiple microscopic beams ( as seen in the diagram right ). Fractionated lasers are very useful devices because they vaporize columns of skin called microscopic treatment zones (MTZ’s) leaving behind adjacent untreated microscopic columns of skin. These untreated areas act as a reservoir of cells that speed up the regeneration of adjacent columns of skin that have been removed with the laser.

Q: How does a Fraxel® laser treatment compare to a Erbium-yag or Co2 laser treatment?

A: The downtime following a Fraxel® laser treatment is markedly reduced compared to an ablative Erbium laser which removes an entire layer of skin. Most patients will return to their daily routine within days of treatment. Initially the skin will appear light pink and moderately swollen but after a few days the microscopic plugs of skin come to the surface. This “bronzing” phase represents a shedding of dead skin and a new layer of skin then forms underneath. However, if your wrinkles are deeper then you may require a more powerful ablative laser that can penetrate the skin to a greater depth. Dr. Kopelman will make an assessment of your problem at the time of the consultation and will make recommendations based upon the depth of your wrinkles. If you do require deeper treatment you can expect to have a longer period of recuperation. In most cases Dr. Kopelman utilizes a   combination of technologies such as an IPL (intense pulsed light), Erbium and Fraxel® lasers in order to obtain the best results. The addition of hyaluronic acid fillers, following laser resurfacing, can further add volume to the skin to enhance the results. Any licensed physician can perform laser treatments however to utilize these tools well requires extensive experience. Since 1990 Dr. Kopelman has performed hundreds of laser procedures on eyelids and faces with consistently excellent results. 

Q: How do I care for my skin after the laser treatment?

A: Dr. Kopelman and staff have many years of experience treating skin following laser treatment. First and foremost you must keep the lasered areas clean and moist.We will supply you with clear and detailed written instructions on how to care for your skin following your treatment. Dr. Kopelman and his nursing staff will closely monitor your progress. Within a few days of treatment you will be able to return to work and your daily activities.

Q: Are there potential risks associated with laser rejuvenation?

A: Any laser skin resurfacing procedure has associated risks. Scarring and reactivation of cold sores may occur. Fortunately Dr. Kopelman has extensive experience using lasers therefore risks, although still present, are minimized. We will recommend specific steps prior to treatment to minimize the chances of developing a complication.    

Interested in learning more about the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation treatments?

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