Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery by Dr. Joel KopelmanFacial surgery is a personal decision that you should approach with some research and thought. As a plastic surgeon for over 30 years, Doctor Kopelman has performed and taught his cosmetic and reconstructive techniques to his surgical colleagues from all over the United States and world. He has innovated and championed many of these techniques and prides himself on delivering beautiful and natural looking results.Whether your improvement involves your eyelids, brows, your cheeks, or your neck, he employs minimally invasive procedures to diminish trauma and speed recovery.

Q: Where are the facial surgery procedures performed? 

A: The procedures are performed at the state approved Ridgewood or Manhattan Ambulatory Surgery Center under local anesthesia with and without monitored sedation. In order to ensure that you heal with the least noticeable incisional scars, Doctor Kopelman utilizes non-dissolving sutures on the skin surface that are usually removed within five to seven days and dissolving sutures in deeper layers where scar formation is not seen.


The aging face typically exhibits the effects of “deflation”. There is commonly a loss of facial fat combined with unrelenting  gravitational effects which cause the eyelids, brow, mid face, lower face and neck to sag downward.During your facial consultation, Doctor Kopelman will assess the degree of facial aging that you exhibit, and he will  recommend targeted maneuvers such as an eyelid lift, brow lift, face lift,or neck lift to elevate the soft tissue of the face upward – back to the original location where they started. He will focus his efforts on the areas that concern you the most.

Beyond the structural descent of facial structures, Doctor Kopelman will assess if there has there been significant atrophy and change in facial volume compared to your earlier photographs.The components that may have changed include muscle, fat and bone. In order to restore youthful facial contours he may address these deficiencies by adding volume to your cheeks with your own fat (usually obtained from around the belly) or he may recommend facial fillers like Restylane®LyftJuvéderm Voluma®XC, or facial implants.

Last, but not least,Dr. Kopelman will evaluate the condition of your skin to determine if  the “envelop” detracts from the overall “picture” because of excessive skin laxity, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or acne scars rather than project your underlying youthful contours. In selective cases he will recommend laser resurfacing, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radiofrequency skin tightening as sole solutions to your aesthetic issues or as an adjunct to the above surgical and non-surgical procedures.

At the time of your consultation Doctor Kopelman will analyze the gravitational effects, the loss of volume and the condition of your skin. He will present surgical and non-surgical solutions and then it will be up to you to decide the best pathway to move forward. Dr Kopelman will fully inform you of the facts of the proposed procedures and with his guidance you will ultimately decide the right course of action that fits your life style and temperament. His mission is to meet or exceed your expectations and give you a brighter more youthful appearance that is both subtle and natural.consultation

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